NSA Opens Drive for DP Scholarships Today

College Group Directs 250 College Plan

The University National Student Association delegation opens its drive today to enable displaced persons to attend American colleges next fall.

To delegation, selected earlier this month to head the program, is sending out pamphlets today to delegations at other universities instructing them on how to arrange for the DP's at their own colleges. The program aims at persuading the 250 member colleges to accept as many of the DI's as possible and to help pay their expenses.

Although 10,000 displaced persons have applied for aid, only a small percentage can be accepted. Each college will be able to choose the applicants who best meet its requirements.

Need Jobs

Former doubts of the committee about the legality of the program are now gone. Under the Displaced Persons Law passed by the Eightieth Congress, however, the incoming students must be assured of financial support. And since the law provides that a DP cannot be supported entirely by charity, the NSA must arrange part time jobs as well as aid from students and college funds.


The plans for the drive were drawn up under the direction of Alfred M. Godloe '50, assisted by Allen E. Kline '50 and Barry Decker '51. NSA committees in the member colleges, after they have assured financial support for new students, will ask the presidents of their respective colleges to sign "assurances" that the students will be admitted.

The committee has decided that in order to avoid discrimination, the DP's accepted will include an equal number of Protestants, Catholics, and Jews.