100% Donation, $3000 Goal Set For Charity Drive

Door to door canvassing by Annex community service representatives got under way yesterday as Radcliffe mobilized for the week-long Community Fund Drive.

"Our goal is 100 percent contributing." Betty K. Heaton '51, Community Service head, announced last night. Miss Heaton added that no minimum has been set for individual donations. "We ask only that each girl contribute to the fund," she said.

Voluntary Contributions

Soliciting of voluntary contributions is a new angle from last year's drive in which each student was asked to contribute $5. The Community Service Committee decided to have each girl give according to her means, believing that total returns will average favorably with those of former years.

$3000 Goal Set

By contacting each girl individually and by having pledge cards in commuters' boxes in Agassiz House, the Community Service Committee hopes to better last year's record of $2395.02. "I'd like to see a $3000 total contribution from Radcliffe," Miss Heaton said.

Two-fifths of drive proceeds will go to Boston Community Fund, one-fifth to the Worlds Students Fund, one-fifth to the Worlds Students Fund, one-fifth to CARE, and one-fifth to the Negro Education Endowment Fund.