Class Status Change Alters Seats at Brown, Yale Tilts

Final University listing of students by social class has led to widespread reallocation of tickets for the Brown and Yale games, Athletic Association Ticket Manager Frank O. Lunden disclosed yesterday.

Tickets had to be distributed with the oldest numerical class getting preference, up until these last two games, because the University could supply the H.A.A. only with a list of students divided into numerical classes.

Now the H.A.A. has received a list dividing undergraduates into Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen, instead of Class of 1946, Class of 1947, etc.

Change in Class Basis

With this new list, many men who had been receiving high priority because of numerical class were moved to lower ranking because of lesser social class standing.

Also moved to lower priority by the re-allocation were those who had applied for tickets together with men who were re-classified. Students who apply jointly are given tickets according to the lowest priority in the group applying.

Whole Group Moved

Hence in groups where a man has been shifted downward to a priority lower than the previous low in the group, the whole group has also been reclassified downward.

But while a large number of reclassified men, and those who have applied with them, will suffer from the reallocation, the majority of students will be the gainers, since many undergraduates who had swelled the Senior section because of their numerical class were actually found to be underclassmen and hence were moved out of the Senior part of the cheering section.