Annex Lists Two As Project Heads For NSA Groups

Radcliffe's chapter of the National Students Association last night named Judith Frest '51 and Elizabeth Tucker '52 chairmen for two branches of the group's 1948-49 projects. Miss Frost will, head the student purchase card committee; Miss Tucker will handle publicity for the Annex-headed regional project--a trination tour.

Miss Frost will represent the purchase card delegation for the first time at Sunday's intercollegiate meeting for all similar committees from other colleges at Phillips Brooks House.

If the plan goes into effect, it will channel all student buying power in the Greater Boston area into certain affiliated stores. Organized buying, the committee pointed out, will cut prices and perhaps even set up an accepted low-level student rate.

Students Will Travel Cheaply

Miss Tucker will coordinate all NSA publicity for Radcliffe. Most news from the Annex this year will center around the Radcliffe-sponsored trination tour of Belgium, France, and Holland. Early word of the mechanics of the tour has already been announced; students will probably travel in reconverted troopships and rates for undergraduates under the NSA plan will be only a fraction of the standard steamship rates.


Alice Gilbert '49, chairman of the northern New England region of NSA, issued an appeal for College and Radcliffe linguists last night. Undergraduate translators who are fairly fluent in any language are needed at local NSA headquarters at 18 Brattle st., she said, to translate digests of incoming foreign language newspapers and letters.

She cited special need for bi-linguists who can read any Scandinavian, German, or eastern European--Balkan, Czechoslovakian, etc.--tongues.