Barclay Still Undecided On Basketball Lineups

"We've got 15 men and they're going to wear white uniforms," Bill Barclay said yesterday, but beyond that, the Varsity basketball coach couldn't predict his starting lineup for Saturday's opener with Brown at Providence.

Eight men are in the running: centers John Rockwell and Bill Prior; forwards Jim Gabler, Ed Smith, and Pete Petrillo; and guards Walt McCurdy, Dick Covey, and Cliff Crosby. Smith, last year's hot-handed freshman captain, seems like the only sure bet to start Saturday.

Captain Chip Gannon won't start but the coaching staff plans to use him later.

"Unless we run into an unusually big team," Barclay explained, "we'll alternate Prior and Rockwell at center. If we really need the height, which I don't think we will at Brown, we may use them together."

Although Barclay refuses to speculate on how many games the Crimson will win this winter, he feels that the team is physically equipped to handle most situations. When he wants height and backboard coverage, Barclay can use Prior, Smith and Rockwell. For speed, he has Gabler, McCurdy, Gannon and Crosby.


Just how high these man can jump and how fast they can run will be determined Saturday night at Providence.