Eliot Hall Rules Girls Must Walk in Pairs to Foil Thugs

Residents of Redcliffe's Eliot Hall were last night advised to travel around Cambridge after dark in pairs.

Mrs. William W. Flint, head resident at the Annex Quadrangle dormitory, cautioned students in the dining room to walk to and from Harvard Square and Radcliffe Yard in groups of two or three from now on.

Her warning followed a succession of two holdups, both of them staged in the Garden st.--Quadrangle area, during the past two weeks.

On Monday, November 22, two college undergraduates and the daughter of the president of Colby College were stopped and robbed of all their cash by armed bandits, who overtook them near the Harvard Observatory. Last Sunday, another Harvard student drove through a car holdup in Lancaster st., which was apparently not reported to the Cambridge police.

"Up to the City"


James Biggar, manager of real estate and care taking, said last night that no additional police officers would be stationed in the Observatory by the university. "It's completely up to the city to protect those streets," he said.