Unidentified Caller Plagues 'Cliffe Anew

"The whistler" is back again plaguing Radcliffe's telephone lines with two new additions to his repertoire of melodies and recordings, Spike Jones' laughing Record and "Fair Harvard."

Four year ago this unidentified male began his career of calling Annex dormitories and off-campus houses and either whistling or singing as soon as a student picked up the receiver. He has never been known to speak. "Racing with the Moon" is also one of his favorite tunes.


For a short period last year, the whistler took up yodeling instead of his usual acts, but received what was probably the surprise of his life when Nancy Burns '50 yodeled right back at him from the other end of the line. He has not been known to yodel since.

Inhabitants of Barnard Hall have become so well acquainted with the whistler that they have affectionately dubbed him "Uncle Bob." Girls sitting at the dormitory bell desks usually hang up immediately if they know about the mysterious caller, but this has in no way affected the frequency of the calls. Some of the dorms hear from him on the average once a wek.


The Source

Various theories of who the enigma is and why he calls have been advanced by Annex students. The majority agree that he is only one person, and the same person for the last four years. This would tend to exclude the idea that the whistler is a University undergraduate. Other girls are convinced that the bothersome caller is simply a local "crackpot."

Although he probably calls all of the Cliffe houses indiscriminately, both Barnard Hall and 33 Healey Street have received more than their share of phone recitals. Twenty Walker Street, whose new Phone number was not listed in the directory, has not heard from the nameless person this year.