24 Men Nominated for '50 Class Committee

Elections Scheduled for Next Week

Nominees for the Class of '50 Class Committee were announced last night by Amery Houghton '50, chairman of the Student Council's Class Affairs Committee. The election will be held early next week.

The Class Committee is being organized under the Paul report on class organization, which the Council approved last spring. Although the complete reorganization advocated by the report is impossible to accomplish for the juniors, Houghton said that as many reforms as possible would be attempted.

The duties of each class committee are left to the individual group, Houghton stated. However, each committee is supposed to organize at least one social event for the entire class during the year, he added. Other duties such as organization of the Class Album are relegated to the Class Committee, Houghton said.

Nominees for the '50 Class Committee are:

David M. Abbott of Eliot House and Andover: freshman, jayvee, and varsity hockey; varsity lacrosse; Eliot House Committee.


Edward B. Ayres of Wellesley Hills: freshman hockey; freshman baseball; Jubilee Committee; Crimson Key Society.

C. Richard Bobear of Winthrop House and Schenoctady, New York: executive committee, Union Dramatic Society; Young Republican Club; House Election Committee; cross country.

Albert B. Carter of Eliot House and Cambridge: freshman and jayvee football; varsity crew; Phillips Brooks House.

Robert Claflin of Winthrop House and Howlett, New York; chairman, Winthrop House Committee; vice-president, Crimson Key Society; varsity wrestling.

Daniel A. Cronin, Jr. of Lexington: Dudley House Committee; executive board Crimson Key Society; president, Catholic Club; freshman crew.

William A. Currier of Adams House and Boston; Jubilee Committee; Union Dance Committee; Adams Dance Committee; Yard football; freshman and varsity wrestling.

Charles W. Detjen of Eliot House and Clayton, Missouri; Pierian Sodality; '48 Student Council; Redbook business manager; freshman track manager; chairman, Committee for Freshman Publications.

Paul J. Douglass of West Roxbury: Jubilee Committee; Freshman Affairs Committee; Dudley House Committee; Philips Brooks House.

Donald C. Freeman of Leverett House and Detroit, Michigan: Jubilee Cabaret; freshman swimming team; Social Relations Society.

K. Bruce Friedman of Leverett House and Buffalo, New York: Debate Council; United Nations Council, executive board.

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