24 Men Nominated for '50 Class Committee

Elections Scheduled for Next Week

Hugh P. Hermann of Adams House and Brooklyn: Adams House Committee; freshman 150-pound crew.

Morton D. Hull of Winthrop House and Winnetka, Illinois: Winthrop House Committee; Jubilee Committee; varsity swimming.

S. David Kahn of Lowell House and New York City; Union Committee; Freshman Affairs Committee; president, Society of Parapsychology.

Robert L. Kelley of Dunster House and Waltham: freshman football, jayvee football, house football; executive committee, Chemical Society; Catholic Club.

Richard W. Kimball of Eliot House and Andover: chairman, Jubilee Committee; '48 Student Council; chairman, Freshman Affairs Committee.


Christopher Lindsey of Adams House and New York City: jayvee football; Crimson Key Society.

Leo Martinuzzi of Eliot House and Gordon City, New York.

W. Jarvis Moody of Dunster House and Morristown, New Jersey: NSA delegate; Boston area purchase card committee; Harvard Square Interfaith Council; president, Free Enterprise Society.

David L. Mossman of Adams House and Gardner.

C. G. Parker of Eliot House and Washington, D. C.: Eliot House Committee; House squash.

Jonathan Spivak of Leverett House and Washington, D. C.: varsity soccer; varsity track; Leverett House Committee.

Don S. Sturgill of Dunster House and Lexington, Kentucky: Jubilee Committee; Student Council sub-committee on freshman class activities; junior class nominating committee; R.O.T.C. rifle team.

James G. Westbay of Leverett House and Brooklyn: Union Committee; American Association of Scientific Workers

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