Houston Wins Spot on Players' All-American

Team Will Face Pros, but Howie Can't

If Howie Houston were a Senior, he might be playing on the All-Players All-American team next September against the winners of the professional league playoffs.

He has been elected to the second team after a national poll of 1955 players.

Every year the Chicago Tribune sends out ballots to all major collegiate football teams. The players then elect the men they feel were the outstanding players of the year.

Because they have had actual contact with the best football stars, the players usually make the best judges, stated one Navy player who met some of the country's top flight teams.

"We ought to be pretty good experts. How can guys sitting in the press box know who hits the hardest? You have to feel the jolts."


Three New Englanders

In addition to Houston's election as tackle on the second team, three other New England players were similarly honored.

Ernie Stautner of Boston College won a tackle position on the second team, while Yale's Levi Jackson was voted a backfield berth on the third team. None of the three are seniors.

In all, the men participating in the voting played in 1035 games in all parts of the country.

Doak Walker, Charlie Justice, Charlie Bednarik, and Barney Poole are some of the nationally known players who were put on the first team.