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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Ornithological eyebrows are raised over the conspicuous taxonomic inaccuracy in last Monday's CRIMSON editorial. The owl now ravaging the fat and complacent pigeons of the Yard is a barred owl, whose proper Latin name is Strix varia, or if one wishes to be sub-specific, Strix varia varia. Scotiaptex nobulosa is the handle of the great grey owl, a much larger and rarer creature in these parts and a bird which would hardly be likely to be lured into the big city even by the prospect of a Harvard-educated prey. We realize that this nomenclatural lapse is not a matter of any great concern, except to us, but in the interest of distinguishing between ornithological prodigy and editorial error, we respectfully submit this correction.

On the relative merits of pigeons or owls, as resident yard fauna, or the ecological principles of the ASPCA, we offer no comment. The Harvard Ornithological Club

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