'Cliffe Girls Recall Xmas In Czechoslovakia, France

Christmas Gift Suggestions

Three Radcliffe students who spent last Christmas in Europe had a chance this week to compare their notes with American customs.

Anne Parsons '49, Constance Crocker '49, and Anne Thatcher '49, took a ten day leave from their studies at the University of Geneva and the Institute of International Studies last your to celebrate Christmas in Czechoslovakia and France.

The girls spent their junior year abroad under the sponsorship of Eastern women's colleges.

Miss Parsons, who visited friends in Prague, felt that Christmas traditions in the United States and in Czechoslovakia are essentially the same except that the Czech people go in for more caroling and more eating. "For Christmas dinner we had turkey, fish, cabbage, candy, cakes, wine, and more cakes, followed by a series of afternoon tea parties and more cakes,' 'she said.

Caroling in Prague


Caroling over loud speakers goes on at all times in the old town square in Prague, where people assemble to view the elaborate Yule decorations. "This caroling tradition is continued in the family's Christmas celebration: after the children light the candles on the tree, everyone sings carols until dinner arrives," Miss Parsons added.

Miss Crocker and Miss Thacher got a Parisian hotel eye-view of Christmas.

"It's just like New Year's Eve," Miss Crocker said, explaining that after the big Christmas Eve dinner in the hotel, everyone went downstairs and danced until 5 a.m.