PBH Organizes Concert and Party for Christmas Season

Christmas Gift Suggestions

Phillips Brooks House has rolled up its sleeves and prepared to honor Christmas with two shows: a Band and Gleo Club concert tomorrow in Sanders Theater and a Christmas party Thursday at Brooks House.

The concert, which will pack over 1200 Boston kids and adults into Sanders for a program lasting from 7:30 to 9 p.m., has been organized in conjunction with 47 Boston social agencies.

Co-chairmen Christopher M. Martin '49 and Waldo H. Heinrichs Jr, '49 of the Social Service Committee, and N. Conant Webb Jr. '49 sent out 1800 tickets to the various settlement houses and agencies, and expect that two-thirds of these will be used. The show will be limited to kids over 12 years old.

Community Singing

Audience participation will be the backbone of the program, with the Glee Club, under the direction of William Russell 4G, singing Christmas carols for all to join in. Malcolm H. Holmes '28 will lead the Band in a selection of football songs and marches.


Thursday, at the traditional Christmas party, Fred M. Fialkow '51 will bring a magician, a piano-player, and a Santa Claus to Brooks House to entertain 25 Settlement House boys. Musical chairs, ice cream and cake, and a final distribution of clothes and toys by the Santa will fill the two hours between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. Competition is running high between PBH moguls for the post of Santa Claus.