Radcliffe Revives Candlelighting at St. John's Chapel

Christmas Gift Suggestions

Radcliffe undergraduates will meet tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 p.m. in St. John's Chapel to reinstitute one of the oldest Annex customs the Christmas candlelight service.

The service was stopped last year by lack of funds to supply candles and rent the church and by the absence of a sponsoring group to run the service.

This December, the Radcliffe Christian Fellowship offered to handle the ceremony and a grant from the Student Council will pay expenses.

Presidents of the four classes--Luretta Davis '49, Joan Anable '50, Sadja Stokowski '51, and Cherry Merritt '52--and Joan Projansky '49, head of the Student Government Association, as well as other undergraduate officers, will lead the candle lighting ceremony.

Traditionally, they hold long tapers, from which other students light small candles.