Extra Trains, Planes, Busses Set for Rush

Railroads, airlines, and buslines and planning extra sections for Friday and Saturday to meet the rush of students going home of Christmas vacations.

American Airlines is scheduling several flights for the weekend, W. N. Bump, regional vice-president, announced last night. "We except to be able to meet all demands for seats on Saturday flights," he added. No extra manpower in the reservation department is needed to take care of the increase in applications for seats, he explained, because of the new electronic "reserviser." But despite the efficiency and fairness of the machine, he urged students to make reservations as soon as possible.

Both the New York Central and New Haven Railroads will run extra trains starting Thursday. The New Haven's plans are still incomplete, but the New York Central will send two additional sections along with each regularly scheduled train.

Extra Busses

Greyhound will run extra busses whenever they are needed during the holiday period, and is collecting them for the expected emergency. Following the policy of the railroads and air lines, Greyhound will not run any vacation expresses, but will increase the number of busses on the regular routes.


United Airlines has a new solution to he baggage problem. United, expecting its student-patrons to be loaded down with suitcases, has arranged special cargo planes for Friday and Saturday.

The MTA will put no extra cars on the track Saturday, because they have already stepped up the number of trains in operation to carry Christmas shoppers.