Mystery Man at Large

Intruder Drops Loot

A set of stolen keys and an empty pocket book strewn through the Old Burying Ground of the First Unitarian Church were the only clues yesterday in the search for the uncaught prowler who terrorized two Radcliffe houses late Thursday night.

The prowler, called a sex pervert by Cambridge police, was described by girls at six Acacia st. and at Founder's House, as young, dark-haired with a crew cut, slim about five feet ten inches tall, with trance-like, shifty eyes.

Loot Found Among Graves

Police reported that a third attack occurred on Thursday night when a 27-year-old girl was attacked by a youth of the same description on Massachusetts ave., in Arlington. A similar description was also given last Wednesday by a girls raped in Porter sq., Cambridge.

The pocket book and keys found among the gravestones disappeared from Founder's House during the intruder's invasion shortly before midnight Thursday. They were the property of Marllyn A. Leathers '48 1G, who first spotted the man.


After hearing strange sounds in the basement, Miss Leathers turned a flash-light on the youth from the top of the cellar stairs "I asked him what he wanted." She said, but he "just stared at me." She immediately yelled to the girls on the ground floor.

Ruth Rogers and Elise Goedeke, both 1G, frightened by the prowler who was naked below the waist, barricaded themselves in the living room. Dorothy Kein 1G, was ironing in the kitchen during the ruckus. "I thought it was a mouse they were talking about," she explained.

Police Surrounded House

Cambridge police had the house surrounded within a few minutes and swarmed in simultaneously from all entrances, but the prowler disappeared before their arrival.

The same night a complaint against a man answering the identical description had been phoned to Central Square Police headquarters from an Annex sophomore residence at six Acacias st. by house mother Mrs. Brayton Wilson.

At about 10:30 p.m. the prowler opened the front door, but seeing people in the living room, maintained a casual appearance and walked slowly back to the street, leaving the door open. Barbara Bancroft '51 went to close the door and got her only good look at the youth.

Interrupted Bath

A few minutes later he slipped unnoticed into the house and up to the second floor, where Miss Bancroft was taking a bath. Mrs. Wilson heard his footsteps and called from the living room "Is there anyone walking around?" Receiving no answer, she cried, "I am going to call the police."

The intruder ran into the empty room of Joan Film '51 and Mary March '51 and jumped out of the second story window.