Dixieland Band

At Lowell House Common Room

It must have been Jazz because nothing else shakes like that.

Harvard's own Dixieland Band forgathered Sunday afternoon in the Lowell House Junior Common Room and the last of the hundreds of the faithful that followed it had to climb through the windows. They couldn't get through the door.

The place was crowded with more that people. Shades of Aunt Hagar and Sister. Kate filtered through the smoke and a lil ol' muskrat rambled in. For two solid hours in that staid Lowell House cubicle there were ladies of the new Orleans evening and the stale smell of K.C. gin. But for the grim visage of Abbot Lawrence Lowell above the fireplace it might have been any backroom in Chicago back in the days when Cicero was Cicero and not an essay in Life magazine.

Among those musically present were Hoagy Dunham on Piano, Dave Sutherland and his guitar. Walt Gifford with a set of drumsticks, Bruce Elwell on the trumpet, Oliver Taylor on the clarinet, Herb Levin on bass, and Larry Eanet, a formidable man on both trombone and piano.

And Barbara Leacock did indecent things to the audience with merely a set of vocal cords. These people put the jaded jazz of the current 52nd street to shame. They are all going to be at the Savoy next Sunday and around and about every weekend thereafter. Catch them when you can.