Radcliffe Carolers to Sing This Week

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Christmas tree decorating and after dinner caroling give an early Yale atmosphere this week to the six dormitories on the Radcliffe Quadrangle, although they will be evacuated by Saturday, December 18, well before the holiday. In Harvard and Cabot. Halls the girls are faithfully practicing the old songs every evening in preparation for their caroling expeditions to the hones of the college deans next week.

This year Cabot will rival Barnard's traditional right to remain the only Annex dormitory which goes caroling the college officials. The Cabot group will sing along Cambridge cobblestones next Wednesday evening, two days after Barnard choristers serenade the deans.

President Jordan, Dean Sherman, Kirby-Miller, and Dean Cronkhite customarily receive visits from the girls. Last year the Jordans rewarded the Harvard songsters with old fashioned wassail and popeorn. The four officials usually prearrange which one of them will offer the girls food and drink)

Barnard Hall started the tradition of caroling the deans more than a decade ago. This will be the first year that, another dormitory will follow suit. After the caroling, the girls will return to their halls for a Christmas party. At Harvard, each girl receives a small gift and a poem written by a follow resident about her.

Barnard's reputation as the songsters of the Quadrangle extends beyond Christmas caroling. When the Annex song content was revived last year, Barnard was the first dorm to receive the silver trophy. It remained on the hall's mantle piece until last month, when the commuters won it at this year's contest. In its place rests a tiny Korean stone cup, an anonymous gift, Inscribed "obviously Barnard Hall should have won the 1948 song contest." "We'll win the trophy back again next time" the hall's residents claim.


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