They Pour 'T' Christmas Day

Three members of the 1948 varsity football team may have to switch from the single wing system they are familiar with to the 'T' when they join teammates for two North-South games to be played Christmas Day.

Two of the players, Emil Drvaric. place-kicking export, and Nick Rodis, guard, will play in the Blue-Gray game at Birmingham, Alabama. The conches of the North at this game are "ox" Da Grossa, of Temple, Ray Morrison, also of Temple, and Ray Eliot of Illinois. Da Grossa is head coach, and will probably use the T.

Chip Gannon is slated to play in the Shrine North-South game in the Orange Bowl at Miami. Coaching the North team there will be Herman Hickman's, who has used the T at Yale all year. Hickman's fast quarterback Tex Furse will be in the game, so the T will probably be the thing.

If Chip Gannon is shifted to wingback, he won't feel out of place, since he held down that spot on the '46 and '47 teams, making a good record in long runs to the left.

Drvaric will probably be called upon to do the kickoffs and placements for the North team at the Blue-Gray game, since he is recognized as one of the best kickers in the East. He will take part in the annual all-star game for the first time but Rodis will be a repeater. in 1944 Nick represented New Hampshire while playing for the Third Air Force team.


The 10-year-old event will be old home week for Nick in more ways than just this. Carmen Ragonese, a teammate at new Hampshire University, will play for the North, and the trainer for the Blue will be Dartmouth's Tony Dougal, who was line coach at new Hampshire when Nick was there.

Although Drvaric and Rodis face a full week of double practice sessions after they hit Alabama, Gannon must play in the BC varsity basketball game on December 21. Right after the Shrine game, Chip must leave for Kansas City to catch the first of four basketball games there. Chip says, "We were going to leave from New York on December 26 anyway, so it won't make much difference.