PBH Opens Drive Today to Muster 200 Blood Donors

Phillips Brooks House gets its second University-wide blood drive rolling today as campaigning in House and Union dining halls will attempt to line up 200 Crimson pints by the time the state Blood Bank visits Cambridge on March 4 and 5.

The drive, headed by Jay L. Fialkow '48, will include the law and business schools and Radcliffe, Door-to-door canvassing is also being considered.

Freshmen Get Credit

Fialkow pointed out last night that the PBH drive helps fill the Cambridge quota, and also offers benefits to the students themselves since Freshmen donors will receive PT credit. Contributors to the last blood drive, which gleaned 186 pints after the Yale weekend, can give again, Fialkow reported. Men under 21 years of age will need their parents' consent as before, he added.

The March drive, aimed to hit 100 donors a day, will be the last appearance of the blood bank in the Cambridge area this year.


Last year, the Blood Bank amassed 422 pints in its two visits here.