Students, Faculty Frame Marshall Plan Support

Meeting Tonight Will Solicit General Aid

University backing for the Marshall Plan will focus at Adams House tonight when 100 student and faculty leaders line up behind ERP in response to a letter sent out over the weekend by four deans, three professors and eight student leaders.

Dean Bender, Payson S. Wild, Jr., Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, S. Willard Sperry, Dean of the Divinity School, and Edward S. Mason, Dean of the School of Public Administration, are among the signers of the letter. Student sponsors said last night that they hoped the meeting would see the birth of "an all-Harvard committee to save the European Recovery Program."

Backs "Reconstruction"

Believing it "appropriate that the University which was the birthplace of the Marshall Plan should give impetus to the movement to save the Marshall Plan," the letter called for public action to fight for the "original purpose" of Marshall's proposals, which, it says, was "reconstruction," not "mere relief."

The signers stressed that they are acting as individuals, not as officers of their organizations, or of the University.


The call to action was signed by Rupert Emerson '21, professor of Government; Ralph Barton Perry, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, emeritus; and Warren A. Seavey '02, Bussey Professor of Law.

Student Signers

Student signers are: S. Douglass Cater '46 1PA; Selig S. Harrison '48, CRIMSON president; Frederic D. Houghteling '50, HLU president; Stanley G. Karson '49, chairman of the Harvard AVC; Charles Lipton '48, president of PBH; Vincent P. Moravec '50, 1947 varsity football captain; Charles K. McWhorter 2L, of the Republican Open Forum; and Edric A. Weld, Jr. '46, Student Council president.