Students Stampede for Billet-Doux

Valentines mean love and kisses to most people, but Miss Brick Jones, who tends the aisle section of the Coop's Valentine Department, just wishes Harvard men would polish their manners a bit for the occasion.

Yesterday morning, for instance, a card-hungry horde knocked her down, stopped on her, and, to rub salt in the would, "blow a hole in my last pair of nylons."

"This is the third day of the rush," she groaned, rolling with a block thrown by a hasty customer. "I hope I pull through tomorrow."

The instability of Harvard students baffles Miss Jones. "Never seen anything like it.

Undergraduates ponder quite a bit before they pick a square card for a round girl. Miss Jones statistics reveal a clear split, within individual purchases, between Sentiment and Joke cards.


"They only spend 10 or 15 cents on each one, though," the red-hatred salesgirl said, as she rang up 80 cents and slipped eight cards into an envelope for a nervous youth. "It always surprises me when they let loose on a dollar job."

Radcliffe girls, she claimed, don't buy as many, and they spend twice as long making up their minds. "Especially on the sentimental ones-my Lord!"