Alumnus Can't Tolerate Nationalism In America and Becomes a German

"Intense idealism" as explained by his mother has obliged a 24-year-old ex-College man to give up his American citizenship and become a German laborer, AMG officials in Frankfurt disclosed yesterday.

Henry M. Noel, Jr. '44, who attended school here for two and a half years before leaving in 1943 for assignment with the American Field Service, has already given up his American status and has taken on a job with a German construction firm.

Noel came to Harvard from the New Hampton School in New Hampton. N.H., Registrar Sargent Kennedy '23 said yesterday. The sole record of his undergraduate activities as a Kirkland House resident picture him as a member of the College Air Raid Protection Service.

In Stoneham yesterday, Mrs. Dorothy Lawson Noel, the youth's mother, stated that her son made known his intentions in a recent letter.

"We witness in these times a climax of nationalism," Noel was quoted as writing. "Citizenship in a nation being tacit acceptance and approval of this situation, or else ignorance of these facts, has become intolerable and incompatible with my personal conventions," he concluded.


Noel cited "the spectacle of separate national entitles each thinking to realize its own private national ambition, each desperate to maintain its own national powers or prestige, while in reality everyone harbors and cannot put in abeyance the game basic verso."