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Increased rent prices are only the first in a series of rising costs, Dean Bender told a Student Council committee yesterday, as the three-man body took the first step in its investigation of the recent increase. Bender assured the group, however, that no undergraduate with an otherwise satisfactory record will be removed from the College as a result of the price hike.

As enrollment dips back to normal in 1949 and 1950, per capita costs will climb again, Bender explained.

Robert L. Fischelis '50, Joseph S. Rancatore '50, and Council President Edric A. Weld, Jr. '46 reported that existing aids and loan funds will be used where needed, according to Dean Bender. Shifting within Houses will be allowed in cases of extreme need, at the discretion of the Housemaster.

Will Consult

Bender agreed that University officials should have met with a group representing the student body before issuing the rent rise order and promised closer contact in the future between University Hall and delegates of the College.

The increase had been in the making for three months, Bender told the Council investigating committee, and was put into effect only after long discussions between Housemasters and University officials.

The timing had been worked out several weeks before Congress granted increases in veterans' subsidies and the fact that both measures came out at the same time was termed a "coincidence."

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