'51 JV Teams Set to Resume Court and Hockey Programs

Yardlings Ready for Toughest Opponent

Relaxed during their mid-season breathers, the freshman basketball and hockey teams have the tough half of their menus successfully stomached, with only one distasteful morsel apiece, a sloppy basketball loss of 49 to 35 to B. C., and a 9 to 4 ice slaughter at Bruin hands to spoil their siestas.

What does the future hold for Berg's five? A return match with the Brulns, redecorated with Hillhouse stars, games with Dartmouth and Yale, and a loudly heralded out-of-season encounter with the Crimson Jayvees look like the tough ones.

Bruins Want Revenge

Brown will be fighting with improved material, primed to render an account for their previous 54 to 48 edging by the Crimson. Dartmouth and Yale, with little to show so far, are not below rising to the occasion of inter-league competition in search of upsets, not infrequent in Ivy League annuals. The Jayvees consider a paternal shellacking of the Yearlings as the only ingredient of a successful season.

The Yard hockey team is languishing at the happy end of a seven to one record, with a long list of inexperienced high-school combos transcribed neatly in the credit column.


Trouble looms ahead of them. A home-and-home series with B.U., a match with a highly rated sextet from St. Paul's and inter-collegiate games with Dartmouth and Yale offer a cooling future for the lightly-teated Freshmen.