Quintet Faces Princeton Tomorrow; Swimmers open Term at Annapolis

Deep Water Ahead

Three down six to go; such is the score for the varsity swimmers this week. With three fall term victories on the credit side of the ledger Coach Ulon's forces have half a dozen tough starts ahead, including five league contents.

Coming Saturdays will find the team at Annapolis this week and Hanover next week, while a home engagement with Springfield will follow the Dartmouth tussle by only 24 hours. After that the Light Blue of Columbia comes to the Indoor Athletic Building on February 21 in the 21 in the last meet of the month.

Undefeated So Far

The first three starts of the year have produced three wins, but competition has not been particularly strong. The opener with M.I.T., was no more than a warm-up, as was the last pre-exam tilt with Brown. In both cases a few individual stars on the opposing side were not sufficient to overcome well-spread Crimson strength. Army, supposedly tough, fell in a minor upset at West Point as several heretofore unheralded performers turned in victories to clinch the meet.

Mid-Season Resume



Harvard 57, M.I.T. 46

Harvard 63, Brown 46

Boston University 52, Harvard 26

Harvard 53, Tufts 42

Bradley 63, Harvard 62

Boston College 62, Harvard 50

Michigan State 53, Harvard 47

Iowa 61, Harvard 51

Illinois 77, Harvard 41