NSA Offers French Summer Camp

Riviera vacation Plan For City Waifs

Fifty undernourished French city children, from eight to twelve years old, will spend a health-restoring holiday on the Riviera this summer as guests of the N.S.A. organization of Harvard and Radcliffe.

Plans for financing and operating a camp at Vencee one hour's drive from Cannes on the Cote d'Azur, were outlined to the Radcliffe Student Assembly yesterday by Mary Hall '50 and Dorothea Penizek '51, co-chairmen of the Radcliffe camp committee.

The budget for 50 campers and 20-odd staff members for six weeks is $8000. The N.S.A. groups hope to exceed that figure in money and gifts of supplies to carry on for eight weeks, doubling the number of campers in two tour-week periods.

Six or seven French-speaking Radcliffe and Harvard undergraduates will be chosen to join half a dozen French students on the stuff of counselors. Director of the Camp will be Crosley Hodgeman, headmaster of Newton's Beaver Country Day School for girls. American counselors will pay their own traveling expenses, a rools bottom figure of $450.

The site of the camp, discovered and donated by the Unitarian Service Committee, is a boarding school. Its cost of summer operation breaks down into such items are $3150 for food, $750 for medical supplies, including vitamin capsules, $500 for equipment, $500 for maintenance, $450 for insurance, and other smaller expenses.


Funds will be raised by drives at Harvard and Radcliffe, and by appeals to outside individuals and business organizations. Gifts in kind, including clothing, kitchen ware, first-aid kits, soap and toys will be collected in Greater Boston.

Hour-long conversation practice sessions weekly, with tutoring in the patois of French small fry by a local teacher who has directed such a camp, will prime the Cambridge counselors for their task.