Summer Weather Chills Wellesley's Winter Activities

"Snow news is good news," was the battle cry last night at the spring-beleaguered confines of Wellesley, as "unseasonal thaws' melted prospects for a crisp, cold Winter Carnival weekend.

For weeks during the winter's record-breaking snowfalls, young ladies from the sequestered halls of Munger to the friendlier chambers of Tower all held high hopes for warm times in the midst of frigid surroundings.

But gradually, verdant patches began to mar the white blanket of snow, and the Waban's waters became more suitable for swimming than skating. Last night, Carnival eve, the facts had to be faced: the Weather Man had given Wellesley lovelies the warm shoulder.

Off As Promised

In spite of the plainly unfriendly attitude from meteorological quarters, however, the Carnival started an scheduled yesterday, with a Harvard Band concert and a campus-wide series of hayrides.


But the winter activities slated for today will have to take on a distinctly indoor flavor, for the only ice in the Waban province will be that which customarily dilutes the contents of tall glasses. Come spring or high water, however, Wellesleyites plan to cap their weekend tonight with three Snow Balls (dances to those who refuse to stoop to the level of such semantics), and the crowning of a King of the Carnival.