AVC Will Aid Students Hurt by Rent Increases

Committee to Check On 'Hardship Cases'

Reiterating its stand against the recent rent increases, the American Veterans Committee declared last night that money to augment the Faculty of Arts and Sciences' scanty finances "can come from elsewhere."

AVC spokesman John A. Quisenberry '46, chairman of the Housing Committee and a member of the newly-formed group to protest the rent rises, voiced the opinion that the University had not exhausted all the sources at its power before upping student prices.

Other Income Sources

He cited endowments and class 25th reunion funds as two means of bolstering the Faculty's ledger. "We don't approve of raising students' rent to pay teachers. The plan now is to have the dormitories operate at a profit so the Faculty of Arts and Sciences appears to be in the black or at least breaking even," he added.

With the possibility of rescinding the rises almost out of the question, the Committee plans to help "hardship cases" caused by the new rent increase. Although its activities will be limited to recommendations and it will not be able to take official action, the investigating group will check cases of hardship with the University, if the University desires.

To Aid All Students

The committee will advise individual cases which come to its attention to seek aid through the official University channels. If there is no response, the AVC will see Associate Dean Wales and see if the problem can be straightened out. If necessary, the AVC will intervene. Its services will not be limited to veterans and the AVC will retain the same relations with the University as it did during the fall when it was concerned with the commuter housing problem.

Quisenberry announced that William H. Cook '50, Secretary of the Housing Committee, has been added to the committee investigating hardship cases.