Council Circulates Travel Booklet; Jubilee Election Maneuvers Begin

NSA Pamphlet Gives Foreign Situation

News on overseas opportunities for student "Study, Travel, and Work" this summer will circulate throughout the University today, when the Student Council distributes a pamphlet published this week by the National Student Association.

Prepared in part by Robert E. Evans '46, Alfred M. Goodloe, Jr. '50, and John B. Decker '51, the information has been culled from European embassies, travel bureaus, and world-wide universities.

Costs and living quarters at 49 European and Latin American universities are described. The booklet tells prospective air or bicycle riders all about visas, "hospitality," and black markets, and sets forth details on 20 workcamps.

South East Asia Tour

Among other tours listed are excursions into Southeast Asia, conducted by the International Student Service, and "Art Appreciation," "Music Appreciation," and "Classical Background" tours managed by the Bureau of University Travel.

The Council last night authorized the sale of the booklet in its Phillips Brooks House office. In addition, the Special Committee on Housing announced its intention to consult today with vice-President Reynolds on the recent College rent hikes. The Committee has already contacted Provost Buck, Dean Bender, and Associate Dean Watson.

It is expected that the Housing group will report back Monday, at which time Council recommendations to the University may be forthcoming.