Hostile Audience Hears Hart Blast At Marshall Plan

Merwin K. Hart '04, president of the National Economic Council Inc., declared last night before a predominantly unfriendly audience at Phillips Brooks House that the free enterprises system made it possible for the United States to aid Europe, but condemned the Marshall plan for rendering that aid "because it would put European Communism on its feet."

Before the address, pamphlets attacking Hart were distributed under the auspices of the Liberal Union.

During his speech, which was sponsored by the Free Enterprise Society, and throughout the question period following, Hart dealt at length with the France government in Spain and "the international Jewish group which controls our foreign policy."

Church Council Communist

He claimed, under examinations from the floor, that "the Federal Council of Churches has many Communist connections," and cited specifically its support of the FEPC Bill. "I am not saying that Mr. Ives (Republican Senator from New York and the sponsor of the FEPC) is a Communist, but he is certainly catering to them," Hart said.


When he was pressed to name the individuals and organizations that make up the "international Jewish group which control the Truman foreign policy," Hart stated that he did not have the time.

For the next twenty-five minutes he was involved in parrying openly hostile queries.