Elliott Ignores Daily Worker Charges of Policy Influence

William Yandell Eliott, professor of Government, refused last night to discuss charges made last week by the Communist Daily Worker that he was the power behind the scene in American foreign policy, dismissing the attack as a "worthless and ridiculous bit of journalistic trash."

In its issue of February 3, the Daily Worker declared that Professor Eliott "has done more to influence American foreign policy" than either Baruch or Hoover. It claimed that he has succeeded in reorienting U.S. policy "toward rebuilding a strong reactionary Germany as a spearhead for an anti-Soviet war."

Professor Elliott, who is now staff director of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was charged by the paper with two goals: "An Anglo-American alliance with the Arab states, and the inclusion of Franco Spain in the Marshall Plan."

"A Ghost-like Spirit"

Labelling the Government professor a "floating, ghost-like spirit," the Communist daily called him "the link between Congress and the very substantial, but often invisible, gentlemen of Wall Street."


"These are the straws in the wind in the nation's capitol. And the big wind is Professor William Yandell Elliott. You don't see him, but you know he's there," the Daily Worker asserted.