Political Actions Fight Slows NSA's Weekend Conference

Bogged down for almost two days in the controversial political actions issue, 46 New England colleges of the National Student Association finally pigeonholed the problem late yesterday and plunged into action on discrimination and other fronts.

Meeting Saturday and yesterday at Boston University, the northern and southern New England regions of N.S.A. also passed resolutions asking colleges and students to lobby in support of pending student ship legislation for summer trips abroad. The conference also went on record against the Barnes and Wenzler bills.

Heated sectional strife pivoting around N.S.A.'s precise place in partisan politics broke out at several meetings, but the conference adjourned without definitely settling the problem.

Southern N. E. Firm

While southern New England refused to budge from its demand for national review of all N.S.A. political action, the north conciliated and will request the national executive committee to censure those persons and groups which use the organization's name in partisan issues not vital to students as students.


Under the leadership of Mt. Holyoke and the College, the bi-regional convention voted to survey New England colleges to determine how much effect racial discrimination has in the decisions of college admissions and employment boards. Attempts will also be made to measure the approximate strength of intolerance among New England students.