Crimson Skaters Overwhelm Tigers in 6-2 Comeback Win

It was a new-and different hockey team that took the ice against Princeton last night, and it showed in the results as the Crimson skated circles around the 'visitors and rang up a decisive 6 to 2 win. The Tigers, hampered by heavy losses on their defensive staff, fought hard all night, but were completely bamboozled by last and aggressive Crimson offense and potent defensive work.

Converted defenseman Charlie Coulter led Harvard's attack with a pair of tallies while the Minot-Ward-Sears third line chipped in with three more. Princeton played it cautious, seldom attacking with more than two men, and dropping the whole team back to form a thin Orange line before the goal whenever threatened.

But even that strategy was not enough to stifle improved passing and outmaneuvering by the home team, which gained its first league win in five starts.

The Jayvees turned in an afternoon victory over Lexington High, but the Freshmen failed again against B.U. and went down to a 6 to 2 defeat.

The summary: HARVARD    PRINCETON Coulter  lw  Elsaesser Key  c  Roberts McKean  rw  Clarkson Greeley  ld  O'Connor Washburn  rd  Ryerson Yetman  g  Callanan


Harvard Alternates: Arnold, A. Key, Minot, Sears, Allen, Ward, Huntington, Coulter.

Princeton Alternates: Ricker, Schulter, Ryerson, Wicks, Dickenson, C. Erdman, P. Erdman, Toland.

Goals, First Period: Coulter (unassisted) 9:47; Greeley (Minot, Sears) 12:03.

Second Period: Key (Coulter) 14:56; War (Minot, Sears). Third Period: Coulter (Greeley) 0:54; Roberts (unassisted) 5:23; Schulter (Toland) 19:28; Sears (Minot, Ward) 19:44.