Freshman Boxers Win Four; Tommy Rodgers Keep Title

One armed slugger Tommy Rodgers clung tenaciously to his University boxing crown at last night's festivities at the Blockhouse where College fight fans saw one rapid T.K.O., a couple of pugilistic Ironmen and 16 rugged bouts.

Freshmen captured four championships and one runner-up slot to dominate the University. The Yardlings took 23 points to the upperclassmen's 26 and the Grad School's 10.

The battering Rodgers took a close decision from Skip Lord. Lord was able only partially to tie up Tommy's sledge hammer right but towards the end was landing his own right fairly frequently. Rodgers, who fought in semi-finals earlier in the evening, exhibited the same slashing books that won him the 1947 crown.

Referee Tommy Lawson halted the Phil Eisenberg-Charley Bird bout in 1.7 of the first round, declaring Eisenberg, Freshman fullback last fall, now 175-pound champ by a T.K.O.

Dale Chadwick, battling in the heavy-weight class, overcame House champ M. S. Rustein in semi-finals and went on to carry off all-University honors by defeating Brent Keyser in the finals.


Yardling Gene Sterrett's one-point edge over defending champion Russ Bath in the 140-pound class was one of the evening's upsets, while Joe Vera, 135-pound House title-holder, added University laurels to his crown by taking Jack Dwyor by decision.

Matt Pepard defeated Jeff Knight for the 145-pound crown, Bob Larson took 125-pound honors by beating Al Lichacke, and Page Anderson took a narrow decision from Jeff Moore to become champion in the 165-pound field.