Flynn Explains Wallace Win in Bronx Election

Democrats Bolted Machine on Palestine Issue

Democratic voters sided in force with Henry Wallace's third-party candidate in the recent Bronx Congressional election upset because "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink," New York Democratic Leader Edward J. Flynn admitted yesterday at an afternoon press conference in the Hotel Commander.

Contrary to the previous Democratic explanation--that its voters simply failed to show up at the polls--Flynn attributed the success of Leo Isacson over his nominee Karl Propper to the strong public desire for "protest" on the Palestine issue.

"Our Democratic machine brought out the voters," he said, "but they voted American Labor Party." To illustrate his point he cited the fact that the 44 percent turnout, high for a special election, included more than half of the eligible Democratic vote and less than half of the ALP roster.

If Truman's policy toward the Hory Land would change between now and November. Flynn added, it could be assumed "without question" that the Democrats will again control the district.

Flynn stated unequivocally that Truman will be nominated for the Presidency and that the Dixie uproar over civil rights legislation will be squelched at the national convention in July. "The Party will hold," he predated.


In an effort to nip in the but any speculator about his absence at the current Washington meeting of 16 top Democratic National Committee leaders. Flynn declared that he had "made this Cambridge engagement some months ago" and did not feel he could manage.