House League Winners Meet Bulldog Laurelists Saturday

Winning teams in House league play will square off against their Bulldog counterparts in championship games to be played Saturday, announced Dolph Samborski, Director of Intramurals, yesterday, when he released the final standings in the Straus Trophy competition. The hockey and swimming meets are to be held at Yale, while the squash and basketball players will compete here.

Dunster bounded off with first place honors in the red-hot basketball league, when they defeated threatening Winthrop in the final game of the season Friday night. A win for the Puritans would have put them in a tie for first place.

The hockey title was sewed up by the Eliot skaters, who won all seven of their games, with Adams and Winthrop tussling until the final game of the season for second place. The Gold Coasters came up with a clutch victory, 9 to 4, last Friday to sneak into a tie for the red ribbon.

In terms of Siraus Trophy competition the Mastodons of Eliot stacked up enough points to carry off the winter championship. The win in hockey, fourth place in the basketball, and a clean sweep for both A and B squash teams, gave them a big bulge over the opponents.

The Lowell swimmers paddled their way into the championship of that division last Wednesday, and Leverett, led by Coach Howie Sehless of the Yardling team, creamed all opposition in the wrestling meet. Basketball FINAL STANDINGS   Won  Lost DUNSTER  12  1 WINTHROP  11  3 LOWELL  9  5 ELIOT  8  6 DUDLEY  7  7 KIEKLAND  4  10 LEVERETT  3  11 ADAMS  1  13

Hockey FINAL STANDINGS   Won  Lost  Tied ELIOT  7  0  0 ADAMS  5  2  0 WINTHROP  5  2  0 LOWELL  4  2  1 KIRKLAND  2  3  2 DUNSTER  1  4  2 DUDLEY  0  5  2 LEVERETT  0  6  1