Inverchapel Calls for Unity; Conant Gains British Award

Claiming that "British democracy will be the rock on which the future of Western Europe will be built," Lord Inverchapel, British Ambassador to the United States, told a New Lecture Hall audience last night that democracy "is doomed to a lingering and dreadful twilight" unless unity there is achieved.

Lord Inverchapel was introduced by President Conant, who was then awarded the rank of Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for his contribution to "scientific discovery during the war."

The Ambassador called Communism "a new and loathsome virus, bent upon the destruction of the freedom and dignity of man," and warned the young men present that "the silhouette of your future stands out sharply against a sombre and terrible background."

"The shaping of that future," he continued, "calls for all the courage, strength, and determination that dwell in you. That you have this and more in you. I have no doubt."

Explains "British Socialism"


Lord Inverchapel contrasted Communism with what he called "British Socialism." "It was strictly a British movement." he stated, "which categorically rejected the doctrines of Mary and Engels." Its purpose is to build a "father society."

Inverchapel told his audience that the main political problem in Britain and other Western democracies is "to reconcile liberty with control by the community of the community's material fortunes."