Brooks, J. Meltzer Elected to Head Next Year's PBH

Norman H. Brooks '49 of Kirkland House and Milton, Mass., and Jay J. Meltzer '49 of Kirkland House and New York City, will lead the activities of Phillips Brooks House for the coming year as president and vice-president, respectively. The election results were announced at the monthly PBH cabinet dinner, this week.

Brooks, whose father was also a member of the organization in his undergraduate days, believes he might be distantly related to Phillips Brooks, after whom the House was named. "Something like seventh cousin, twice removed," he says.

Both Two Years in PBH

Both new officers have been with PBH for two years, and have co-chaired the Social Service Committee since September. They will take over the duties of outgoing officers Charles Lipton '49 and Jay L. Fialkow '48, next fall.

Dean Leighton, principal speaker at the dinner, praised the organization for "always looking for things that need doing. I have a feeling," he continued, "that there is a real and direct connection of membership in such organizations as this to one's activities in later life."


Brooks and Meltzer will take over the leadership of PBH next fall for a one-year term.

In addition to providing meeting space for College groups, PBH provides volunteer workers for about 40 local settlement houses.