Goldberg Offers Nominations for Class Day Posts

Nominations for 1948 Class Day officials were announced last night by Ray A. Goldberg '48, first marshal of the class, after one week's discussion by the Permanent Class Committee.

Additional men may gain a place on the slate if they present petitions bearing the signatures of 20 members of the class at Lowell G-32 before 6 o'clock Thursday, Goldberg added.

Election to the ten-man Committee and other positions will take place after the Permanent Class Committee has written the Class Constitution.

List of Nominees

The nominees are:


Candidates: Dewey George Archambault, Jr., Blair Morton Boyd, Jr., John Bertrand Cadigan, Jr., John Edwin Carlson, Jr., Thomas Henry Collins, Walter Coulson, Frederick Deane, Jr., John Morton Dunn, Weston Joseph Durant, Robert Scarborough Erakine, Jr., Allan Sulyard Garon, Charles Nelson Gregg, Jr., Peter Green Harwood, Harry, Peter Haveles.

Also, Christopher Holabird, Robert Andrew Klein, Frederick Francis Lamont, Jr., Henry Lee, Jr., Joseph Anthony Lewis, Robert Stanley Leventhal, Charles Lipton, William Kennedy Boone Middendorf, William Lawrence Salton- stall, Charles Howard Sammond, Jr., Gerald Sanford Spear, Harold Samuel Spear, Arthur Frederick Stake, Edward Webster Dann Stevens.

Orator: John Hertrand Cadigan, Jr., Albert Feldman, Richard Thomas Gill, Frederick Francis Lamont, Jr.

Poet: Seymour Mortimer Lawrence, Robert George Myrhum.

Ivy Orator: Fancir James DiMento, Alexander Ogilby, Bruce MacLean Smithson.

Odist: Douglas Phillips Allanbrook, Oliver Welooti Roosevelt; Jr.

Chorister: George Alfred Maram