Crimson Fencers Slice Lions, 20-7

Rene Peroy's Varsity fencers carved themselves some lion meat at the Block-house Saturday afternoon, toppling Columbia's swordsmen, 20 to 7.

Usually strong in sabers, the team just managed to squeeze by in that department, but scored easy victories with foils and epees. Columbia was one man short, and the fencers took three of the foil bouts by default.

Ray Frankmann, Bill Raney, and Stan Sheldon all came through in foils to give the Varsity an 8-1 advantage. In the epee event, Giles Constable and Chip Arp both took two matches, while John Ager won all three. Every saber-wielder lost at least once to give the fencers a slim 5 to 4 advantage over the Lions in that event.

An unfriendly atmosphere between the two squads reigned during the whole meet. In the final matches, tempers flared up, and the duelling began to take on a Hollywood aura. One or two matches were halted after several nasty welts has been landed.