Glee Club Shelves Plans for Europe Tour This Summer

Warnings that a swing through Europe this summer would probably wind up in the red have caused cancellation of the Glee Club's summer concert tour, Club officials announced last night.

Decision to abandon plans for the long-proposed trip came when the Club's main foreign backers indicated that high costs in transportation, food, and lodging, coupled with a recent slump in concert audiences, would render "inadvisable" any tour for at least a year.

The Swedish National Park Society, which was to sponsor the trip in that country, wrote that it could not adequately hardly the 60 men and all but withdrew its support. At the same time, Dutch, backers, an organization of ex-underground workers, declared themselves "hesitant" to support the project in view of present conditions in that country.

"We have little choice but to cancel the tour," stated G. Wallace Woodworth '24, professor of Music and Glee Club conductor, explaining regretfully that the major part of the trip was to have been though Sweden and Holland. The remainder of the tour consisted only of short three-day jaunts through Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

Difficulty, in obtaining the funds for expenses outside of Sweden and Holland is another reason for the cancellation, E. Barr Peterson '47 1B, Graduate Manager, disclosed.


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