Joint Date Set For Replies to Entrance Bids

Eight Colleges Agree On June 15 Deadline

Would-be Harvard students won't have to attend another school just because it accepts them first, as a result of a decision simultaneously announced last night by eight leading colleges.

The colleges have agreed that prospective freshmen can wait until June 15, of the year of entrance, to accept admission or scholarships. Although a deadline has never been set here, several other schools have demanded replies months before Harvard has even mailed acceptance letters.

Signatories include Brown, Columbia, Cornell Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale.

Acceptance Dates Vary

The dates for notifying successful candidates for admission vary among the eight colleges from early April to late May. Under the old practice, immediate acceptance of admission was required even though the student had not received the decision of all the schools he had applied to.

College sources predicted last night that the new policy would somewhat raise the standard of incoming Freshmen, since good students will not be forced to attend other schools simply because they are accepted there first.

The new agreement was drafted at a conference of the eight colleges held recently at Princeton.

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