Swimmers Stop Penn, 50-25 For Ninth Straight Victory

Pennsylvania's floundering swimmers spiked all pre-meet rumors that they might blemish the crimson's undefeated record in the Blockhouse pool Saturday night when they succumbed to the Ulen-coached forces, 50 to 25, to become the winners ninth straight victim.

In their final home dual meet of the season, the Crimson racked up six first places to Penn's three, capturing every event but the medley relay, the 100-yard freestyle, and the 200-yard breaststroke.

Ted Norris, undefeated in the 440 and a consistent scorer in the 220, came home first in the quarter mile swim in 5:00.7 and placed second behind teammate Jerry Gorman in the 220. Gorman's winning time was 2:8.4.

DeForrest showed the strength that has earned him the rating of second best breaststroke in the country by butterflying to a 2:29.5 victory. Bud Ward and Don Ulen followed for the Crimson.

The versatile Quaker took the 100 in 0:53.1, while Joe Fox and Norm Watkins picked up second and third for the home team. Fox triumphed in the 50 with Penn's Guenther and LeFevre coming through with second and third. Fox's winning time was 24.4.


Tom Drohan registered 128.40 points off the high board to score his seventh victory of the season in the diving contest, with Penn's Frazer second, and Bill Barnett third for the winners. Tom Woods won the backstroke in 1:45.6 with Snelling Brainard second