Track Team Tramples B.C., 108-32

When a track team wins by a score of 108 to 32, the meet can amount to little more than a glorified time trial, which is precisely what Saturday's dual meet with Boston College in the Stadium was for the Crimson.

White-haired Jack Ryder, one of the nation's outstanding coaches, had to watch helplessly while Harvard plneked the Eagie right down to the pinfeathers. Despite the score, though, the Varsity performance was not too scintillating.

True, the same freezing gusts that cancelled the baseball game swirled down into the Stadium, keeping coat collars and times fairly high up. But the Crimson will have to improve in several events this week if it is to cope with Rhode Island State here Saturday.

Saturday's results indicated that Don Trimble and Sam Felton may break University records within a couple of weeks; that speedy Jon Spivak will probably restrict himself to the 100 this spring; that A1 Ruby, who pulled just as he was belting to the front at the 80-yard mark in the first heat of the 100, may not run for three weeks; that the Crimson will win a lot of points in the field events this season; and that the Crimson will lose a lot of points in the running events this season.

Felton Hits 171 Feet


In the seven field events, the Eagle had the striking power of an English sparrow, picking up only four points. Sam Felton's performance in the hammer--171 feet, 7 3/4 inches--was particularly impressive for Harvard.

Watched with considerable concern by Coach Mikkola Saturday was hurdler Pat McCormick, former all-state hurdler from Rocky River High in Ohio, who performed adequately, considering that Saturday was the first time this season he had run through the full 10 flights of hurdles in the 120 highs.

The Varsity summary:

100-yard dash--Won by C. Harwood (H); second, J. Spivak (H); third, D. Cavicke (H). Time: 10.5.

220-yard dash--Won by King (BC); second, H. Thayer (H); third, Harrington (BC). Time: 23.2.

440-yard dash--Won by D. Hamblett (H); second, Harrington (BC); third, T. Hosmer (H). Time: 52 flat.

880-yard run--Won by Taylor (BC); second, Dempsey (BC); third, T. Read (II). Time: 2:06.5.

Mile run--Won by Malloy (BC); second, J. Anderson (H); third, F. Kafka (H). Time: 4:49.

Two-mile run--Won by H. Rosenfeld (H); second, J. Cogan (H); third, F. Gurley (H). Time: 10:26.

Mile relay--Won by Harvard (B. Brown, J. Wheeler, F. Gurley, D. Hamblett). Time: 3:36.8.