WSSF Gifts Top $15,000; Some Food Already Bought

Right now, WSSF is already putting our $20,000 pledge to work buying more food for its European stockpiles," Samuel A. Robbins '46, Chairman of the Food Relief Committee, explained last night in emphasizing the speed with which University contributions are being utilized.

With a little over $15,000 already collected towards the $20,000 goal, Robbins stated that he had "every confidence that the Faculty and graduate schools are aware of the acute need for the final $5000 that we need so desperately, and will come through with their share in the next week."

He conceded that it was possible the College might raise an additional $1000 in the next few days, but maintained that the rest of the University held the success or failure of the drive in its power.

"We will leave this next week open for those people who are late in sending in their mail contributions," Robbins continued, "despite the fact that the actual campaign has officially drawn to a close."