Nine Hammers Devens Gets 20 Hits in 12-9 Win

When the current Harvard Varsity baseball team gets twenty (20) bits in an afternoon of competition, there must be something odd some-where Yesterday the strange element was the pitching of the University of Massachusetts at Fort Devens, which was just about sufficient to get the ball over the plate where it was clouted by alert home players.

Captain John Coppinger, never before noted for his prowess at the plate, hammered out five straight hits; shortstop Ernic Mannino collected three, Lennie Lunder three, and various other hardworking batters two hits apiece.

Errors Start Rally

Two Devens errors on the first two balls slammed by Crimson batters set the stage for hits by Conlson, Mannino, Lunder, and Coppinger, with a walk to Huntington sandwiched in between. It was good for five runs. Single runs in the third (on Coppinger's single, Gannon's freak hit over second, and Crosby's energetic fly to right) and fourth, when Huntington doubled and Coppinger squeeze-bunted expertly to bring in Mannine, accounted for two more.

Considerable credit must go to Crimson skill, though, for they opened up in the very first inning, gathering five quick runs, and giving Hymans a respectable margin to work with. He went very well indeed for six full innings, limiting the visitors to three, hits and one cheap run.

Devens Good on Defense

Devens wasn't such a bad ball club if you discount the pitching. They opened up on Crimson starter Ralph Hymans in the seventh for seven runs, and acquitted themselves quite decently in the field, limiting the local delegation to one stolen base and generally keeping things uncomfortable for laggard base-runners.

The summary: HARVARD   ab  r  h  po  a  e Gannon, cf  6  0  2  2  0  0 Crosby, c  6  1  2  9  0  0 Caulfield, rf  4  2  1  2  0  0 Coulson, 1b  6  3  3  8  0  0 Mannino, ss  4  3  3  2  1  2 Huntington, 2b  4  2  1  3  5  0 Lunder, lf  5  0  3  1  0  0 Coppinger, 3b  5  2  5  1  1  0 Hymans, p  4  0  1  0  1  0 Godin, p  0  0  0  0  0  0   48  12  20  27  3  2

      R  H  E Harvard  501  102  30x--12  20  2 Devens  000  001  710--9  11  3