Anthropologist Coon Quits, Takes Penn Research Post

Carleton S. Coon '25, Professor of Anthropology and assistant curator of Old World Ethnology, winds up 23 years of Harvard teaching this term. The scientist who has been the guiding force of Anthropology 1 for the past decade announced last night that he had accepted the dual post of curator of ethnology and professor of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.

"I am going to a job where I will have more opportunity for field work and research," Professor Coon said. His time here has largely been taken up with teaching, and the expert on North Africa and Arab culture has long wished to devote more of his energies to advanced study.

According to Provost Buck, Coon's resignation will come up before the administration on Tuesday.

Back From Morocco

Professor Coon returned recently from an expedition to Morocco with the American School of Prehistoric Research. The explorers discovered traces of animals which thrived in Africa 150,000 years ago.


Professor Coon's resignation leaves Professor of Anthropology Clyde K. M. Kluckhohn as the only professor in Social Anthropology in the University. Some students in the field last night said they were considering changing their concentration unless the University restores the department to full strength.

According to Provost Buck, no one has yet been lined up to take Coon's place.

The anthropologist received his A.B. degree magna cum laude here in 1925 and stayed in Cambridge as a graduate student and section man. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Education in 1923 and his promotion to full professor came this year.