Italian Reds Will Lose -- Salvemini

Right-wing forces will sweep the Italian elections tomorrow, Gaetano Salvemini, Lauro de Bosis Lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization, predicted last night.

Salvemini gave 30 percent of the vote to the Communists, 40 percent to the Christian Democrats, and 30 percent to remaining smaller parties. This means, he said, that the Democrats will form a coalition government and perhaps poll enough to seize the majority.

Passage of the European Relief Program swung only 5 percent of the votes, the nationally-known historian claimed. "The Italians are looking for action, not words."

On the other hand, Pope Plus' denunciation of the Communists probably helped the Red cause, he said. "The Pope has never before interfered in politics," Salvemini explained, "and the people don't like it now."