Pinball Poll Shows Why They Do It

Lots of people want to know the answer to the question "Why does he play pinball?" Donald T. Spaulding '47 of Adams House is now ready with the answer to the question.

Spaulding is a Soc Rel 55 student, and to has to write a paper. So he is polling the Harvard "pinsters." The answers themselves may not clear up the problem, but they make very dull reading.


Subject A, who boasts a rank IV standing and a "pace" of four $5 dates a week, all of which seems very irrelevant, says he plays pinball to "waste time."

Subject B, a rank V man, plays to "waste time," Subject C, who listed no rank list but claimed a C-average, plays to "waste time and exercise." Subject D--but you get the impression.


One original note came from Subject R, whose reasons were: (a) Money (side bets); (2) Waste time between race results; (c) Waste time; (d) Objective test of motor skill.

No Place Like Harry's

All subjects were asked, "Where did you begin playing pinball?" All of them answered, "Here at Harry's". This is a good argument for vocational high schools.

All subjects were asked, "How many hrs, per week do you spend on pinball?" The answers averaged out to 15 hrs. All subjects were asked. "How many dollars per week do you spend on pinball?" The answers averaged out to $1.50.

This Means an awful lot of free games. If people won this many free games. Harry's son Eddie would never get to Harvard.

That's all about pinball.